The Wethersfield Local History Group was formed 25 years ago by a group of residents of Wethersfield. This group gathered interviews, photos and documents to provide a clearer picture of the history of the village and its surrounding areas. They shared their own knowledge and any newly discovered information in a series of early meetings. Over time, the group has grown to provide an annual programme of talks. Held each month, these talks cover a variety of historical topics and are given by a selection of locals or professional speakers. Some of these are based on local areas, others are of wider interest. Recently we have opened an archive located in Wethersfield Village Hall to continue our collection of items of local historical importance. We welcome anyone who shares an interest in their local history to attend our talks or request a visit to our archive.


Our archive contains a wide variety of pieces that cover a large selection of subjects and locations in Wethersfield and the local area. Listed below you can find an overview of the items we have available.

All files are available to view in our Archive Room within Wethersfield Village Hall upon request. We are also always willing to take requests for information. Even if you're not exactly sure where to begin, any information you can provide always helps us to find the information you are looking for. Alternatively, some items can be viewed in our Online Archive - any cases where this is possible have links to the online copies below.


Our main files include newspaper cuttings, minutes, ledgers, deeds & scans of various documents.

Click here to view a more in depth list of the files available. Click on the points below to see related content in our Online Archive.

Areas covered within these files include:
  • (A) Airbase / USA Base links
  • (B&C) Bronte Connection / Breweries - (D) Charities & Parish Council
  • (E) Church
  • (F) Clubs / Crafts / Village Hall
  • (G & H) Families A - K
  • (H2) Families L - R
  • (G H & J) Families S - Z
  • (K) Farms
  • (L) Houses
  • (M1) Manor & (M2) Manor Wills - (M) Manor Estate Auctions
  • (N) Non-conformist Church
  • (P1 & P2) Memories
  • (Q & R) Maps / Mills / Playing Fields - (S & T) School & Propery Sales
  • (U) Trades
  • (W1 & W2) Wethersfield General
  • (X) Wethersfield Connecticut - (Y) World Wars


The yellow files in our archive contain copies of the scripts, power-point print out and posters for our past talks. Please note not all talks have any of these or have just some. See ‘Tapes’ for links to audio copies of the talks.

Click here for a full list of talks


Our archive contains copies of censuses from every decade between 1841 to 1901. We have access to the 1911 census, however it is not part of our online or physical archive. Due to the difficulty in reading the censuses we welcome requests for information from them and we will pass on our findings. Our censuses are only available to view on request in the Archive Room.

There are also documents containing analysis of the censuses as well. These can be viewed online or in our archive room.


There are 3 selections of audio casette tapes that are available in our archive and online.

Tapes marked with a Yellow Dot are recordings of past talks.
Tapes marked with a Green Dot are interviews with local people.
Tapes marked with a Red Dot are our miscellaneous tapes.


Our full selection of photographs is also available in our archive and online. These include: postcard size, oversized, albums, negatives, slides & ‘Then & Now’ photos. These cover a wide variety of subjects, much like our documents.


We have a selection of various types of publications available in our archive room. Full copies of past issues of both the Wethersfield Parish Magazine and Wethersfield News can be found in our archive and are available online.

Due to copyright we are unable to have all publications in our Online Archive, however it is possible to view them in our Archive Room on request. We do list the front covers of our publications online to show the selection available.


The archive also includes a selection of VHS tapes & DVD’s. These cover a variety of topics related to Wethersfield and the surrounding area. These include films, documentaries and archive footage.

Like the copies of various publications in our archive, our videos are not available online. We do list the front covers of our videos online to show the selection available.


A selection of maps are also available to view in our archive. These focus on Wethersfield, the parish & the local area and inlcude maps that date back to the 1800’s. These maps can be viewed in our Archive room on request. In some cases they are also available in our Online Archive.


The Wethersfield Local History Groups holds meetings on the second Thursday of each month in Wethersfield Pavilion on the Playing Field at 8.00 pm. There is no membership or subscription, we only ask for £2.00 at the door per person and anyone is welcome to attend. After the talk we provide refreshments, please see individual talk pages for further details. Please note there are no talks in January or August when we take a break. In the summer instead of our usual meeting in the Pavilion we hold our annual outside meeting where we visit local historical places of interest.

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