Outside Talk: Ridgewell Airfield Museum

Sorry, this is a past talk

Date: July 11th
Start: 8:00pm
Talk by: Paul Bingley
Entry: £5 per head with refreshments and donation


Our outside talk for 2019 will be given by our guide Paul Bingley who will give a short talk at the Ridgewell Airfield Museum near Yeldham.

Please Note: The increased price of £5

For more details on the museum please see www.rafcamuseum.co.uk

You can also visit their Facebook page at www.facebook.com/381stBombGroupatRidgewellinWW2

The following photos of the museum have been taken from their website:

The entrance to the museum The interior of the museum

The airfield as it appears today:

A photo of farmland where the airfield used to be

Main Photo: An aerial photo of RAF Ridgewell on 29th February 1944 taken by the USAF. T he bomb dump can be seen to the right of the arifield Many B-17 Flying Fortresses of the 381st Bombardment Group are visible in the photo, parked on hardstools around the perimeter track. Photograph taken by 7h Photographic Reconnaissance Group, sortie number US/7PH/GP/LOC188.

Photo sourced from: English Heritage / United States Army Air Forces / RAF Ridgewell – 29 Feb 1944 / www.americanairmuseum.com

Secondary Photo: An aerial photo of the former RAF Ridgewell. It is still in use as an airfield by Ridgewell Gliding Club.

Photo sourced from: Thomas Nugent / Former RAF Ridgewell from the air / CC BY-SA 2.0

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Ridgewell Airfield Museum, Ridgewell Road,
Great Yeldham, Halstead, CO9 4RG

How to find

If travelling from Great Yeldham or Sible Hedingham take the A1017 North/North-West. Aprox. 1.2 miles past Great Yeldham is the Ridgewell Airfield Museum on the right. You will have passed a used car dealers on the right just before entering a 50mph speed limit. There will be a series of houses on your right along the road, the last entrance to these is for the museum. If you pass 'Plants That Grow Nursery' on your left you have gone too far.

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